segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011

My japanese brothers...


You are talking as if the Japanese people had attacked Pearl Harbor.
The attack was  carried out by the Japanese government on December 7, 1941 without the support of the Japanese population mostly!


Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Casualties - 2,500 U.S. soldiers


U.S. attack on two Japanese civilian cities with NUCLEAR weapons:
Casualties - 140,000 civilians

Casualties - 80,000 civilians

Have ever crossed your mind that could be your son, a brother or your father being dragged through the water? Have you thought about the pain and suffering that these people are feeling? I think NOT 'cause there is nothing but EVIL in your cold blooded heart.

I wish strength and light to Japanese brothers and I'm sure that what happened only serves to unite more and more good heart people all around the world.


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  1. I' am a "AMERICAN" and I feel really bad for the Japanese people. And Not every american is a asshole only the people who like to talk a lot of shit excuse my language who think they are better then anyone.It was mother nature who created the disaster. And the people who posted the comments on the first picture are assholes.

    And for the pearl harbor it was war and the Japanese government belief that Western powers were hostile to Japan and Pearl Harbor was the home of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Japan did not want the U.S. in the war because the U.S at this time had the greatest Naval force. They concluded that if the Pacific Fleet was destroyed, Americans would feel demoralized and not want to fight.

  2. my grand great father was a fuel engineer of the B-29 bomber that dropped the fat man on japan.i dont give a shit on ww2 games i can beat the japaneses as easiest as pie. USA USA USA!!!!

  3. I dont give a shit about the japaneses or chinese that died in hiroshima they dont have to act pathatic because they can fast rebuild. lets just say after the tsunami europe gives money to japan middle east give food to japan and america send japanese peoples to japan hooarah

  4. Brothers, I'm not talking about ALL americans, I'm just talking about PEOPLE LIKE THIS AMERICANS who are saying things like that. I just used their exemple. I'll edit the image. I have many american friends and I'll travel to USA someday cause I LOVE the american way of life. I ever supported all the american attacks to islamic extremist countries cause I think that extremism is a SICK that must be combated. So don't be angry about my words. Its just the way I encounter to manifest my feeling about people like them. Sorry if my words offended you in any way.

  5. yo man....i am from croatia and i think that japan is one of the most beautiful country...i was donated some money to japan...some peoples dosent have feelings...btw nature can be sometimes mad

    sorry 4 my bad english

  6. You know what i hate? People like that in the picture.
    You know what i hate more? That the US citizens call themselves "Americans" America is a complete goddamn continent,not just the US,get fucking over with it!!!!!

  7. Well, haha! Pearl Harbor? Look what the "americans" did, on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, with innocent people on Middle East (with napalm and stuff) (I know there is no relation with Japan, but it's good for you to now), I say: Well done for all stuff that hapennd with US, like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. (Sorry about any double post, my internet sucks)

  8. After looking at some of those comments in that picture. I feel ashamed. I was born in America. I live in America. I'm Hawaiian by race. I want to say I am sorry for what some of my countrymen have said. It is heartless and ignorant. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please remember that what they said does not represent how any intelligent, educated American thinks. All they keep mentioning is Pearl Harbor. That attack took place in MY HOME LAND. It was an act of WAR. WAR people, not just Japan saying 'im bored, what should I do today'. If the shoe was on the other foot, America would have done the same thing AND WE ALL KNOW IT. We not only retaliated with atomic weapons, TWICE, but are the only country in the world to have ever done so! They killed lots of soldiers and some civilians in that attack yes. But NOTHING compared to the civilian casualties we caused. IT WAS WAR. Read your history people. Does anyone remember part of the talks during Japans surrender? How they said they felt dishonored ans shamed because we didn't receive their WARNING about the strike on pearl harbor? We even warned them about the bombs. Neither side 'snuck up' on the other. Both sides warned each other. Both sides ignored each others warnings. Again, war. Does the acts of GOVERNMENTS over 50 years ago mean that we can no longer posses a SHRED of compassion for ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE?! Maybe we are ALL the monsters we make each other out to be.

  9. Really? You're ignorant. If the Americans wouldn't have bombed those two cities, the war would have been going on for longer than it did. That means more people would die in the war.

    @Henry Aarón Robles United States of America. What do you see in the name of our nation? America. Where is America located? North America. Why wouldn't we call ourselves Americans? What would we call ourselves? You are ignorant too.